Luxury Garden Rooms In London To Delight And Inspire

It is awesome to have a garden and a workspace in it in London. You don’t need to fight to claim your space and privacy when the rest of the family is may have only a few steps from your main home building but it will give you a feel that you are on a journey of a different world. These luxury gardens rooms will inspire you and will give you the best indoor and outdoor views. Here are some tips to maintain such luxury garden rooms.

Need Of Planning Permission For Garden Room

There are different rules in different parts of the UK. Usually, a common rule is that you don’t need planning permission if your garden room is with a maximum eaves height of 2.5 meters and a maximum roof height is  4 meters. You may need planning permission if your garden room is exceeding these measurements.

Insulation Of Garden Room

It is necessary to choose a garden room which’s the floor, walls and roof have insulation. Cheaper garden rooms in London may don’t have insulated walls, floors and roof. You should always choose a garden room with insulation if you want to use it around the year.

Power Installation In A Garden Room

Generally, garden rooms come pre-wired and are ready to be connected with power. There are many sockets and lighting options are available. You may order to build a garden room as per your needs like exterior lighting, audio-visual cabling and data cables. It much depends on the budget you’re going to spend on the garden room.

Heat Source In A Garden Room

A heating source is a need when you’re living in London like areas. Generally, suppliers don’t include a heating source. You may add if you want. Underfloor heating is a popular option. Air conditioners with the option of heat and cool can be another option.

Plumbing A Garden Room

Owners of garden rooms want showers and kitchenettes in the design.  But it may lead you to get planning permission. most designers offer customers conventional solutions like tapping into the main sewerage, off-grid solutions such as composting toilets. Plumbing must be under building regulations no matter what is the size of the garden room.

The Cost Of A Luxury Garden Room

A simple and uninsulated garden room may cost you about £2,000 to£3,000 if you built it by yourself.

A sturdy structure with insulation may cost you upwards of £6,000. You might be able to erect it yourself. Many firms also sell fully flat-packed garden rooms.

With a budget of £20,000, you can purchase a luxury garden room with double glazing, patio-style doors with the option of heating.

Before you buy a garden room, contact various sellers of garden rooms to get the best idea.  If you have planned the build a garden room there is a suggestion. Get at least three quotations for the best rates.

Any quote that is significantly less expensive than others should be taken with caution. You should request an itemized quote so that you can determine what is included in the price.