Bring The Outside In My Garden Room developed as a stand-alone, creative business after being established as a sister company to London-based Pro Building Contractors Ltd.  We have benefitted immeasurably from their decades of construction industry experience and myriad of skill sets.

Our philosophy at My Garden Room is to create a new dimension in living. There is more to pod development than increasing floor space. A My Garden Room build ensures a stronger affinity with your environment. Whether you have a lush, green plot in a beautiful garden or an expanse within a paved, concrete courtyard, we develop additions that complement their surroundings.

My garden room - baner backyard business

From foliage to light, horizon views to scale equilibrium, we take everything into account before transforming your home.  Where will the windows go?  Does this optimise light flow?  What will the views be from inside?  What will the view be from upstairs in your home? Yes, we even consider the type of roof design that works best for your site. All details matter: from fine zinc cladding to integrated air conditioning to engineered timber, whatever works best for your new garden space. Quality finishing and specialist materials make My Garden Room leaders in the creation of stylish, urban pod dwellings.

Using the latest technological advancements in eco-friendly materials alongside quality, handcrafted finishing, we create a My Garden Room to future-proof your property against lifestyle changes to come. Whether adding to the family unit and in need of more space, focusing on well-being with a new home gym or adapting to the inevitable shift in work-from-home patterns, our plans cover all eventualities.

Now you know what we do. But how do we do it?

A collaboration of experienced account leads, approachable project managers, innovative designers, quality manufacturing, skilled architects and professional installation teams combine to create bespoke, dream pods for your home. From detailed planning to meticulous construction, a My Garden Room breathes new life into your way of living.

All of this is achieved through cost-effective pricing, the incorporation of ecological materials and a focus on space efficiency through functional design.  Design that utilises technologically advanced, ecological materials to minimise heat loss and reduce fuel bills.  

Adding to your home does not have to be environmentally damaging.  My Garden Room projects are led with a minimisation of your carbon footprint at their heart.  All of this is achieved with no aesthetic shortfall: elegant, sustainable timber and laser-cut sheet metal combine to create a modern, contemporary structure that complements your garden.