My Garden Room construction is carried out in separate stages by a highly skilled installation team.


There are different approaches to foundation laying depending on your plot conditions but the most used is the ground screw system. This design is the most environmentally efficient as there is no need for concrete setting or deep digging.

Floor, Walls And Roof

The modular, panel design of your My Garden Room allows for quick, accurate erection. Sustainable timber and high quality sheet metal combine to form a solid, durable support to your weatherproof structure.

Roof: External Completion

The most efficient system for a My Garden Room flat roof is the PIR insulated sandwich panel or single ply EPDM rubber roofing systems which offer flexibility and high performance with a life expectancy like no other membrane at more than 50 years. This is an eco-friendly method that slots together forming a weather-proof crown to your new room. One that lasts under guarantee for many years; keeping cold out and heat in for decades.

Walls: External Completion

The cladding options for your My Garden Room are ecological, affordable and contemporary in feel. Chemical free, sustainable timber is sourced from a range of softwoods. These last approximately 50 years. We offer zinc cassette cladding as standard. If wood is preferred, we only work with those that are locally sourced and renewable. My Garden Rooms can be clad in Siberian larch, quality cedar, highly durable iroko wood or charred timber. If a more traditional appearance is preferred, we can install brick slip cladding or composite cladding onto your exterior.

Windows And Doors: External Completion

The choice of metal or timber is often one of aesthetics rather than durability. Both are presented as options because they meet our high standards of design malleability and requisite life length. Recycled aluminium meets our goals of eco-friendly material usage. All aluminium fenestration is double-glazed. We can also offer windows in Crittal steel framing, UPVC and hard wood timber.

Floor Finishes

Back inside, the fun part for you. Picking the finishes. For floors we offer high quality laminate or engineered timber. Both are selected for their versatility, sustainability and insulating properties. We can also fit rubber matting to garden gyms.

Wall And Ceiling Finishes

Our interior wall surfaces are created from plasterboards and fully plastered.

Air Conditioning

We can fit space-appropriate air conditioning units if you would like the option of integrated summer cooling in your My Garden Home.