You have plans for your garden.  You have dreams of more space.  You have checked our website.  Or one of our My Garden Rooms on a friend's property.  And here you are.  Possibly on the verge of contacting us with garden dreams of your own.  The process of making these a reality is a simple one.

  • 01

    Please send us an email, phone us or use our enquiry link.

  • 02

    A home visit will be arranged at which we can take a first hand look at the planned site for your Garden Home and chat to you in detail about your ideas for this special addition to your home.  In some cases a home visit is not requested by a client, instead a quote is generated from the size and feature details you sent to us.

  • 03

    We will have amassed all the information we need at the site visit to create a clear, understandable plan of your My Garden Room design.  We will also supply you with a project timeline and a scaled budget with clear demarcation of all costs.

  • 04

    Once the start date of your schedule arrives, the manufacture of your My Garden

  • 05

    An installation team will arrive and prepare the groundwork on your plot.  The foundations will be installed using a ground screw system or pad concrete; whichever approach is most efficient for your plot’s ground conditions.

  • 06

    We then oversee the preliminary preparation of the utility services that will supply your My Garden Room.  Our team does not fit utilities such as electricity or plumbing.  At the planning stage we can recommend one of our regular subcontractors to undertake this work for you.

  • 07

    Following this, the My Garden Room installation begins.  We will use a crane-lifting service to install a pre-assembled My Garden Room where possible.  If logistics prevent crane access, we will construct on site.  Following crane offloading, the installation team will take around 5 days to complete construction and ready your My Garden Room for immediate use.

  • 08

    You will be issued with your guarantee that has a 10 years duration and covers any structural or material issues that may arise.  All is explained in the Terms & Conditions of the guarantee.

  • 09

    Step inside and make yourself at home.